Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hutchins House

I think Carter and I would be really good at running a bed and breakfast. His chattiness and genuine interest in the life of strangers coupled with my design eye and cooking skills would make for a successful hospitality business. I'm sure of it.

And this Greek Revival gem in Mississippi - Hutchins House - would be the perfect property for said business. TONS of potential ready to be unearthed:

The home dates back to 1877, is located in Blue Mountain, Mississippi, and is on the market for $176,000 (which in DC-metro area terms is a bargain). I'm in love with the green roof...and that porch looks amazing. Perfect for our wine and cheese happy hours.

Read more about the house here and here. And if you buy it, let me know.


  1. Hi Daniela in Australia Anything like this would cost at least 3 million aust dollars I think I need to emigrate
    Cheers Elizabeth

  2. Can you just imagine how fabulous this would be? Swoon!


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