Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Blue Tile Shower

As you know, I don't often blog about bathrooms. I like a lovely bathroom as much as the next person...they just tend not to excite blog words from me. But when I saw this blue creation from Better Homes & Gardens,  I had words.

Baby Blue + Black + White = insert thumbs up/heart emojis. LOVE the color combination. The blue cabinetry is just so pretty and I would wager that black cabinetry would have also looked bangin' and made the shower that much more of a focal point.

And can we all agree that the shower is fantastic with its sea of blue tile? I'm a big fan. And it all looks so big and open and nice...our shower here at Casa Shuffler is a tiled stall that is perhaps 2.5'x2.5'. It's teeny. And I'll be honest that I kind of like it. You shower in a cocoon - a shower and sauna in one!

So when I see these open stalls I think they look great but then I convince myself I would be freezing. But maybe not. It might be a lovely experience. Do you have such a bathroom arrangement? What are your thoughts?

I will always be loyal to black floor tile so that also gets a big thumbs up. Not sure why the baseboard tile on the sink side is white...I guess going for a counter match, but I would have opted for black, yes? And I think the ceiling would be delightful in a light shade of the same baby blue to soften the transition a bit from tile to ceiling. You are welcome for my unsolicited advice, homeowners.

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