Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Linens: For Every Room and Occasion & Meeting Jane Scott

Let me go ahead and assuage your anxiety over what to get your mom/best friend/mother-in-law/manicurist/sister/person-with-good-taste-in-your-life/yourself for Christmas...get them the book Linens: For Every Room and Occasion by Jane Scott Hodges, owner/founder of Leontine Linens.

Y'all, it does NOT disappoint.

Image from Linens: For Every Room and Occasion

As I mentioned last week, the Jane Scott Hodges' press party train made a stop in DC that I was able to attend. Although Jane Scott's book has been on my wishlist since I first heard about it, her actual visit prompted me to accelerate my purchase so I could have her sign it...and I'm SO glad I did.

This book is everything.

Images from Linens: For Every Room and Occasion

Not only is it a primer on monograms, linens, and associated etiquette but it's a legit design book that showcases some of the most iconic spaces that we all know and love that feature Leontine Linens' signature monograms. The above photos are the tiniest really have to see it for yourself. It's a party for your eyeballs.

And meeting Jane Scott was just a complete pleasure. As expected, she's warm and charming and looks every bit the part of successful business lady running a crazy talented creative shop. Here we are with Sally:

My baby bump is nudging the book right out of Jane Scott's hands.

And here's my little collection of loot book, a darling bookmark and a delicious cookie that I ate about 30 seconds after I took this photo:

Moral of this story: Linens is probably my favorite design book for 2014 and I highly recommend you get a copy if you appreciate all things good and holy. Buy it here...

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  1. Gorgeous Linens...I love old linens...adding some new colors like the bedroom in that photo would blend the old with the new. Great inspiration to take them out and use them :) Thanks for sharing!


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