Thursday, April 14, 2011

Haymarket Designs

I have a new resource for incredibly attractive, preppy, awesome gifts. Hillary Ross over at Haymarket Designs has launched a line of hand-painted (by her) home accessories, and they will steal your heart. Something for every single one of us pattern-loving fools.

Check out her wares...

Frames, trays, wastebaskets...all in wonderful colors and patterns. Hillary offers each item in whatever design/color combo you'd like, which is so nice, as she has quite the array.

I'm getting myself a tissue box for the office. Click here for Haymarket's site...happy shopping!


  1. Pretty stuff! I really love her trays.

  2. Love her things too! I am obsessed with her wastebaskets and want one for my house!

  3. Wow! What a great source - this is what I love about the blogosphere. I can get my bamboo AND aqua in one hit...and at a reasonable price...the world is good today.

  4. I love these! and how great to be able to customize coloring, etc...very cool!

  5. posted about Haymarket Designs yesterday-just saw your post-great minds think a like-always love your blog!


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