Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday Crush

Mark D. Sikes - always winning in my book. His work is timeless and often infused with my beloved Chinoiserie. Case in point 👆. You should check out the whole apartment here - it's a zinger. Also, these walls appear to be a very light lavender...a color that doesn't really appear anywhere in the room's accoutrement. Take note - I like that trick of using an "off" color for your walls that you don't really repeat but I find it provides a nice contrasting backdrop to add interest.

Cross your fingers, I think I scored a great campaign dresser for Mac's upcoming big boy room. It is not in my possession yet, but hope to grab it this weekend. Hope your weekend is either relaxing or exciting...see you next week!


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  2. Great to learn about this talented designer. I love the fact that this is for an apartment in NYC -- so colorful and bohemian! And I'm smitten with not only the fabulous ikat-covered sofa, but also the teal leather chair (shown in the last photo of this apt. on his website). And the way the birds in his wallpapers interplay with the various objets reveal a delightful attention to detail. Altogether: marvelous!


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