Thursday, November 10, 2016

Schumacher for Kids

A couple of unrelated points here, best done in list format:

1. I peaced out on the blog last week - took a trip to Cali for work and it was lovely. I drank all the Zinfandel in Sonoma. And had some productive meetings.

2. You are generally winning if your kids get to play in a Schumacher-fabric-laden teepee.

3. I'm on a plum/burgundy clothing kick, so I want that little girl's leggings.

4. The bedroom on the bottom is incredibly legit with its color combination, brass bed, casual canopy, and stained/painted dark ceiling. The simple pillow arrangement is also catching my eye.

5. What I liked most here is the color story. Plum and citrine at the top and then plum and royal blue (peeking out from the blanket) on the bottom. I have seriously been loving plum/orchid for years and images like these keep feeding my addiction.

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