Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Back from Spain...a month ago.

Oh hey. I got back from Spain...a month ago...and took unscheduled leave. Whoopsies.

Once I tune out from regular life it's a struggle to tune back in. But I'm getting there. Wanna see some pictures from my trip? Sevilla and Barcelona provided the backdrop...

I did indeed go to that adorable tapas bar I left you hanging with - see picture 2 and 3 above. It was beyond lovely. And the sangria (pitcher) was delicious. So much so that we were unable to try on the 37 rompers we picked out at Zara following lunch.

The weather was gorgeous and as you can see, my eyes were delighted with lots of stunning visuals (I toured a cava winery - see white train pic - INSANE). I had gelato almost every day. And wine. And all the fried patatas ever created. Ever. And I wanted to buy every flamenco dress I saw because I'm pretty sure the cut would be flattering, though perhaps not practical.

Travel is good for the soul, y'all. And I missed you. Happy summer...

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  1. I LOVE your pics! I went years ago to Malaga and Marbella and Rhonda. Amazing. So glad you had a lovely time! MIssed you.


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