Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Faux or No

I feel like I touch on this topic once a year...fake flowers. In general, I agree with the school of Say No to Faux.

But every once in a while, I spot a fake arrangement that makes me think twice. And if put in just the right spot where no one is examining it too closely, it can really look beautiful.

Like these:

Both I found on Overstock here and here.

Getting a real arrangement like these would be lots of dollar bills. And keeping it alive is trouble. And then it dies. So your ROI is pretty low.

I do have a tall spray of fake forsythia tucked into the corner of my living room and I've never thought twice about it. It's great. But those are more like "stems" than flowers.

But these arrangements here are pretty on point. Enough to make me want to use them.

What are your thoughts on this controversial topic??


  1. NO - after a month or so they just look dusty and sad and FAKE.

    1. Hahaha...your taste is too good to ever consider this!! - Daniela

  2. Good quality are ok. Just put them away from time to time and people are less likely to realize that they are fake.

  3. Good quality are ok. Just put them away from time to time and people are less likely to realize that they are fake.

  4. Hilarious topic! I feel like I would typically say "no go on faux". However, there are some companies that make some REALLY fabulous faux arrangements out there. And, as you said, they aren't cheap, but they really look realistic and can suit the purpose if used properly (and not abused). I like them (but never in abundance and never let them sit out and collect dust!)

  5. What ArchitectDesign said-- those words were taken right off of my keyboard :-)

  6. I always said no to faux. I am a garden club person, and a big gardener. But then I had a store where we sold NDI and Silk Botanica arrangements and Park Hill wreaths and garlands, and NAPA orchids. They were pricey but you never have to buy them again. The quality of silks now is so good that you cannot tell the difference sometimes until you get right up on them. I have some magnolia and pine garland, some magnolia heads, some winterberry stems, and even some fake pumpkins, and are all just gorgeous. And how nice to just pull them out. I use them with real pinecones and with nandina and they are great.

  7. Decorating your own space is all about what makes you happy. If you can afford flowers, of course! But if you cannot, then I think faux flowers are perfectly acceptable. I have a mix of fresh flowers from my garden, live plants (ivy survives well indoors), some flowering bulbs and some faux. Yes, the faux can get dusty but then so do the leaves on the live plants. Take then outside and spray with Dow Foaming Bathroom Cleaner and hose down. Works like a charm! There is also a clear spray you can buy at craft stores that will revive the colors.

    Finally, my favorite store for Faux arrangements is The French Bee in Phoenix. Their work is si cher but fabulous!

  8. I am not a fan of faux but I have a few real orchid plants that just look so sad and pathetic without blooms. I stuck a fake orchid on the table behind them and voila, they looked a little less sad.

  9. I'm generally a fan of saying no to faux. Granted, I also don't buy a lot of cut flowers anyway. Fake flowers collect dust and cut flowers die too quickly. A potted plant is much more my speed! Plus, they tend to last longer!


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