Thursday, December 17, 2015

Nutcracker Birthday Party

The bright spot of last week's madness was Ana Claire turning three.

I have yet to figure out when our little lady grew so much. But denial aside, three has arrived ("Mommy, I'm not two I'm THREEEE!") and after our Nutcracker-inspired Halloween costume, we (I) decided to continue the theme for her birthday party.

My dear friend and photographer Crystal was in attendance so I am BLESSED with some beautiful pictures of the event to share with you:

All photography by Crystal Downs


Ana Claire had two pieces of cake, a cupcake, and a marshmallow pop. And I said not a word because it's impossible to indulge too much on your big day.

The party menu included ham and cheese sliders, broccoli casserole, a potato chip bar, honeydew melon, strawberry cupcakes, pink lemonade, and peppermint fudge favors to take home. These homemade birthdays are a lot of work, people. I always regret it when I'm in the thick of favor-making/cake-baking/lantern-hanging, but then when I look back on darling photos like these my heart surges with pride that my little girl had a pretty, sweet birthday party at her house.


  1. Ana Claire is such a lucky little girl to have you for her mommy. These pictures tell it all. No one could have a better birthday than this!!! It looks fabulous!

  2. can't be more adorable -those cupcakes are awesome!

  3. Nutcracker-inspired Halloween birthday party! That seems so interesting. These photographs are just stunning. These colors you chose for this party decoration are just perfect. Loved everything about it! I am also going to celebrate my daughter’s birthday at some local venues San Francisco and would like to use this theme for her party.


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