Thursday, November 5, 2015

Lamp Goals

I can't get this lamp out of my head. Due to the luxurious price and my 0% need for it, it will not be coming into my life but, as I always say, the next best thing to getting it is sharing it with you.

LOVE the bamboo nod without being overly bambooey. But that blue color is what is spectacular and different. It's just such a lovely hue that would set off any room. A pair of these flanking a dresser would be insane. Or just one on a nightstand would make me happy.

I literally have been thinking about it for weeks. Does that happen to you? Lamps don't leave your mind and thoughts? This is the world I live in.

If you have a 100% need for a beautiful blue lamp it's on OKL here...and if you buy it, please tell me about it.


  1. I know what you mean! I just put down the Currey & Co. catalog when this post popped up!!! Went to High Point and specifically to the Natural Light, Visual Comfort, Currey and Avala showrooms.....I am still on lamp overload and there are about 25 that I want and can't have....lampalooza,...

  2. I am such a lamp nut! Your imaginary plan for these lamps is spot on and sounds good.

  3. $499!!!!! For a LAMP?? Yes it's the bomb, but I have sooo many things I would rather spend my money on . . . .

  4. It is gorg but overpriced. I do get wanting it. Lamps can make a room, don't you think?

  5. Love a gorgeous lamp and this one is fabulous. the lines and shape of the shade with that beautiful blue color!! Yes!

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