Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Greenbrier Guest Room

I realize I've been holding out on you with my pictures from our trip to The Greenbrier...I just have so many! Thought I'd share pictures of our guest room today.

I wish I had camera skills because my photos always look pretty terrible, but let's just be clear these images don't do the room justice. The effect of walking into this room is wonderful. And we were not in a fancy room..."just" a standard situation.

Welcome to "standard" at The Greenbrier:

The wallpaper was unbelievable, obvi. Green carpet. Ruffled curtains. Chintz bedspread. I just couldn't get enough. Even Carter agreed that the exaggeration of it all just works. It's dazzling, fun and indulgent - just what a vacation spot should be!

And the bathroom, that you can see a peek of in the last picture, was a gorgeous classic black and white space with an equally pleasing wallpaper:

All eye candy, my friends. It was such a gorgeous spot to unwind for a night!


  1. How fun!! I think places like hotels are the place to experiment and have fun - you don't have to life with it everyday so won't get tired of it! I think in one own's home the powder room and guest room can fulfill this too.

  2. So very charming and really an old fashioned (in a good way) aesthetic! I love it Daniela!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. Awful!!! I love this hotel- but this room lacks!!


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