Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sweet Vintage Girly Shared Bedroom

I went down the Pinterest rabbit hold the other day (which, let's be honest, happens every day) and during this particular jaunt, I came across THE MOST adorable bedroom makeover to be shared by two little sisters...all thanks to their mama Cami of blog Tidbits.

Cami and her husband had the dilemma of a small, shared space that lacked sweetness and charm for their little ones. So they took matters into their hands and created what I think is a space straight from vintage fairyland and I would like to move in immediately.

That closet!!!

Let me repeat, this room was lovingly created by two parents with their own down to the beds and bedding. That is just a priceless gift for these little girls and what I think makes the room so incredibly lovely.

Here are some of the pictures during the makeover (that only took a month and half...what?) so you can see the kind of work that went into this:

And, of course, Cami did it all on a budget with thrift store finds and re-purposed items. And doesn't the 10x12 space now look large? This kind of creativity just really inspires me.

Y'all know I like my kid spaces with lots of pagodas and bright colors but this, THIS, is just beautiful as inspiration for Ana Claire's bedroom in that pretend mountain house that we don't own...where I vow that all walls will be white.

Do yourself a solid and visit Cami's blog post about this room with many more pictures of this heartwarming space.


  1. I recently had a project where during the renovation & addition to a house we added a 2nd master suite so that this couple's 3 little girls could share the most charming bedroom of all time. The house had enough bedrooms for each to have their own room (maybe someday) but I loved how it turned out. 3 little princess beds under 3 big windows. adorable!

  2. Love the little book racks! It’s all too sweet and brings back memories of my now 22-year old daughter’s bedroom.


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