Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Contemplating Lighting

Our house is dark. Adorable. But dark. I feel the need to stick a lamp into every possible nook and cranny. Which is good, because I never turn down an opportunity to bring another lamp into my life.

I currently have three open positions that I am looking to fill: a floor lamp for our bedroom, a flush mount for our upstairs hallway and I'd like to install a swing-arm wall lamp in our living room.

Here are the candidates:

I totally fell in love with this floor lamp from Usually, I would run screaming from a wood base, but this one seems so chic. And our bedroom is all warm wood and neutral tones, so it seems perfect.

I've blogged about my flush mount search before, and I found yet another similar version to what I'm looking for:
It's also on I can't decide if I would like it in person.

And here is the swing-arm lamp I'm considering:

This would go in a pretty small cranny next to our sofa, so I don't want to get anything terribly expensive. I found it at Lamps Plus for $70. I'm thinking I could perhaps dye the shade black? That might elevate it a bit. I know it's a little 80s, but I kind of dig that.

So together, I'm looking at almost $500 for 3 light fixtures, which isn't going over so well with the CFO. But we need them. to get my way...


  1. Darn CFO. Mine never gets it. How can he not fall in love with what you picked out?! I really love the floor lamp!! I may suggest that for a client's room - thanks for sharing!

  2. Love all of your choices maybe just one at a time and then CFO Will see how much better the areas will look and he will have to agree!!! KS

  3. I am lucky that my husband calls me the CFO of the family...he wouldn't have a clue! Find a way to make it his idea that you need a light....

  4. dyeing lampshades is so easy and fun, I say go for those swing arm lamps and spice them up with black lampshades :)

  5. Lindsay, I totally got the dyeing idea from your blog. May need to try it!

  6. I'm about to recover a similar lampshade with new fabric--if it works out, I'll send you the how-to!

    Also love the floor lamp. I suggested them to a client for her den.

  7. Adore the Overstock flush mount...wonderful!!

  8. Lighting IS essential and $500 for THREE is really a decent price. :) I say buy one at a hubs tends to not notice smaller purchases spread out over a period of a few months.

  9. I agree with Averill - you're more likely to stay under the radar if you purchase one at a time.

    Usually, it takes my husband a while to notice something new, so by time he says "Is that new?", I can honestly reply "No, we've had it a while."

    Good luck!

  10. Anonymous2/29/2012

    Did you end up going for the wood floor lamp? Great find. I am only wondering if you are happy with it in person?


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