Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Designer Pillows via Etsy

When I first heard of Etsy, I thought it was a marketplace for crafty folk to sell their crocheted doilies and rhinestone-encrusted sweatshirts (personalized with your - or your granddaughter's - name in a choice of 3 puffy paint colors).

Recently, I came across an Etsy item listed on someone's blog...clicked...and opened the floodgates. I had NO idea how chic Etsy has become. Designer pillows, cool vintage objects, letterpress stationary...the list goes on. And for decorator pillows, the prices are reasonable.

So if you are dying for a designer pillow but have no clue how to sew or source that chic fabric you saw in a magazine, search "decorator pillow" or "designer pillow" on Etsy. If you happen upon a pillow cover that you like, keep in mind that you can pick up standard pillow inserts at most craft stores or places like Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs.

Some of my faves:

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  1. Katie--Welcome to the land of Blog! I know that I will like a girl who depends on her pearl earrings as a safety bucket!..me too. Looking forward to more!


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