Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Crush

Photo by Angie Seckinger

A modern, striking composition by Nestor Santa-Cruz...I'm going to say's sexy. Who's with me? The custom, lacquer fireplace mantel (inspired by works of Jean Dunand*) demands attention while the colors of the painting draw you in and the Art Deco rug (from Leleu) provides another elegant focal point. I could easily frame this picture as a little work of art itself...

I will work on our bedroom this weekend, I will work on our bedroom this weekend...this is the mantra I've been repeating to myself all week. I will tackle the room on Saturday...and perhaps if I write it, it will be true. Here's to the hopeful start of a productive weekend....see you Monday!

*I'm dropping some fancy names an effort to learn myself. I typically don't utter Dunand and Leleu in casual conversation...hmmm...but maybe I'll start.

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